2800ml transparent heart-shaped food packaging bottle of conferenies packaging tanks PET portable plastic bottle


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This is a heart-shaped food packaging bottle with a capacity of 2800ml, a height of 195mm, a width of 119mm, a length of 175mm, which is suitable for food packaging, candy packaging, cover for a hand. Dongguan Fuwan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale plastic bottle, food plastic bottle, health care plastic bottle, condiment plastic bottle. Guangdong Province was established in Guangzhou in 1999, in 2009, it moved to Dongguan, Guangdong.

Get a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province. 16 years focus on high-quality plastic bottle production and sales, become a designated supplier of Disney, Amway, and beautiful and other world famous enterprises, and establish a strategic partnership with the Miyuan Spring, Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical, Dongguan National Medicine Group. Its material has PET, PE, PS, etc., can be opened, free to match the golden cover (sub-gold, sub-silver), plastic cover (swirling, anti-theft cover, tear cover, lid, fan cover, toothpick cover) Wait).

Dongguan has a number of national certificates, and has an advanced R & D team to study a new plastic bottle, lead the market trend to take the lead in the international advanced level. From raw materials - check acceptance - injection - submerged bottles - test - packaging into the warehouse, layers. The international advanced plastic bottle manufacturing process, the quality of the product will be controlled.

We focused on high-quality plastic bottles for 16 years, serving large-scale food manufacturers, health products manufacturers and condiment manufacturers. Dongguan's rich use of advanced blow molding equipment and experienced technical engineers. The company's products have been sold all over the country, all over the country, and also exported to various countries, which are unanimously represented by users. Introduce the international advanced injection molding production line, strictly guarantee product quality.

We provide perfect after-sales service, from the warehouse - the goods loading - logistics distribution, loop control. There is a quality problem, retreat / exchange. 365 days 24 hours, all-service sales service, always with you to solve the problem for you.

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