Abandoned orders for plastic bottles manufacturers to follow the spirit of saving people


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The abandoned order of the plastic bottle manufacturers followed the rescue spirit. According to reports, a take-out little brother was discovered in the delivery meal. I found a girl who was brought by two men and kept tracking to a house, and dial 110 After the alarm police arrived, takeaway Xiao Ge also clicked with the police to capture 7 suspects recently. Takeaway Xiaochang has received "2000 yuan from Dujiangyan police's hands." Xiao Tang is 27 years old and takes only one month. For the time, Xiaotang said, "Do not repent, do not regret it, will do this in the future."

The takeaway little brother is not only the spirit of Lei Feng, but more importantly, it has highlighted the morality of citizens. At the same time, it also called for companies at all levels to learn Lei Feng spirit. Plastic bottles should learn this selfless dedication, save people The spirit of self, and fulfilling the social responsibility of the plastic bottle manufacturers, and practical care of the lives of employees. Plastics bottles used by citizens, warmly welcome people from all walks of life to negotiate cooperation, supervise production and operation, company website: http://www.hzkepeng.com.

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