5 reasons you should not drink water plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastic bottles are everywhere today, water is our often paying attention to facts, in general, drinking our healthy things. However, we should also consider the container we use to store and use it. Not all materials are equally safe, environmentally friendly.

Here are five reasons that we should avoid drinking water from plastic bottles: 1. Chemical pollution plastic bottles have experienced high temperatures (for example, when you put it on the surface of the hot summer car) may release a chemical substance called bisphenol A (BPA) You are drinking, can pollute water. Is there any big problem? Although you only take a small number of BPAs, this chemical can imitate estrogen (our body can't distinguish), it can affect your endocrine system, or may increase the endometriosis and breast Risk of cancer. Without a complete scientific consensus on dangerous level, buy why risks Blood or urine is more difficult to pregnancy, due to the resulting hormone imbalance.

3. Your budget is not drinking tap water every country or city; however, even in this case, it is cheaper, healthier, buy a filter, or a large glass pot water (you can reuse no problem ), And filled with Personal-SizeD aluminum hot water bottles (also saving water), rather than buying water on a plastic bottle. This is surprising that you can spend how much money in bottles, especially if you buy a brand. 4. Bacterial and aluminum or glass jar, the crack form of plastic is easier (even if you just squeeze), and bacteria can grow in these cracks.

The more we use and reuse a plastic bottle, the greater the risk of pollution and bacterial diffusion. Most of these microorganisms are not harmful, but they have a small part they will make you sick. Sick risk reuses the bacteria of plastic water bottles, especially if you are not washed correctly, can actually be higher than the risk of chemical pollution.

(Read this article from the Herfinton post to let you re-use a plastic bottle again ...) 5. Although our planetary mother can indeed recycle plastic bottles, statistical data shows that rarely handle the recyclable garbage So most bottles finally have the rest of the garbage. If this trend continues, experts predict that 26 million pounds of plastic waste will be 2050; we must remember that plastics are not biodegradable, so these bottles may take hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic consumption is killing us ... this is how to cut the plastic bottle of the water can be a necessary solution if we are tight, but we can usually find alternatives, better for our health, our wallet , Our planet's future.

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