8-point cold knowledge of plastics


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastics 8-cooled knowledge plastics can be seen everywhere in our lives, but maybe everyone has never heard the story behind them. Let's share eight cold knowledge about plastics. First, the English word "plastic" of the plastic is derived from the Greek "Plastikos", which means "can shape the mold."

Second, the first plastic name is Parkerin plastic, which is made of organic composite cellulose, nitric acid and solvent, but this plastic product is very flammable. Three, 1907, Leo Hanrick. Beckrit invented the gum wood (Bakelite phenolic plastic), which is a thermosetting plastic that does not fire or melting, is applied to a telephone, household appliances, etc. Fourth, sportswear can be made from 40 recycled plastic beverage bottles, which can make REPREVE yarns, used as textile production sports clothes, and keep warm while do not increase weight.

Five, the beverage cover of the tea shop, there are three small bumps above, in fact, it is used to hold a cup. Sixth, the lid of the soda bottle, there is also a small layer of small film, mainly sealing, preventing carbon dioxide and liquid from leaking. 7. Humans produce and consume about 600 billion pounds of plastics per year, but the market is still growing at a rate of 5% per year.

8. Compared with most microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, the plastic molecules are large, which is also one of the reasons for plastics difficult degradation.

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