Guangzhou children's finger card into plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

At 13:26 on November 8, Guangzhou Tianhe Fire Squadron received alarm, a girl's finger card in the center of the emergency department. The fire squadron received the report dispatched a rescue vehicle and 6 fire officers and soldiers. After the fire officers and soldiers arrived at the scene, when the squadron's commander investigated the child's finger situation, it was found that the child's finger had a long-term card in the plastic bottle has occurred from blood.

After understanding the situation, the instructors decided to prevent the safety of children, and fire officers and soldiers use small clips to rescue plastic circles. In order to eliminate the nervousness of the child, in order to eliminate the nervousness of the child, try to eliminate tension by communicating with the child. After 5 minutes, the fireshits made the plastic circle very well.

It should be strengthened to the child's safety education, pay attention to not exposure to unexpected things. If you accidentally go to deal with it, you must immediately report the police, seek special rescue, avoid blind self-help. Coopeng Plastic Hotline: 0752-3737979 Mobile: 13922888294 (WeChat) Summer Manager.

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