A drifting bottle with wavy


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I am a drifting bottle, a drifting bottle that is booming with waves. Before becoming a drifting bottle, I am a plastic bottle with chili sauce. When the chili sauce in my belly is fly, I have become a bottle that is not used, and I am discarded in the dirty corner. inside. I only stay quietly, don't choose.

Until one day, a lovely boy saw a story of a drifting bottle, I was reluctant to see the day. Since then, I have become a drifting bottle, a glass bottle drifting in the sea, the difference is that I carry the hope of the boy. On the abdomen, the note is a boy, I don't know, but I know that the hope of the boy is the hope of the boy. In order to repay, I want to help him to complete the wish.

I don't know how to help the boy to complete the wish, I can do it just on the big sea. One day, I met a fish, one from the small growth in the sea, never seen the little fish in the world! It asked me, what fish are you? I have never seen you before! I laughed and said, I am not a fish, I am a drifting bottle! drifting bottle? What is a drifting bottle? The little fish asked intake. Drift bottles are drifting bottles! But I have a heavy, I have to go to the wish of a boy! I am proud.

The little fish still didn't understand, because it grows in the sea from small, so it will not understand. Later, the little fish was drifting with me, and I floated it, I will sink it. After floating, the small fish asked me, why don't you take a look? I only know that the sea is drifting? I laughed and said, I didn't have the same wings like you, because I was just a drifting bottle, so I can only drift.

Then how do you help the boy to complete your wish? You will only follow the wave! The little fish said, swaying the tail. I am a drifting bottle, a drifting bottle that does not swim. If I will swim, then I am not a drift bottle! I am shameful of ignorance of small fish.

Daily drift in the big sea, watching there is blue sky and white clouds, blue waves, I don't know how to be lonely and sorrow, because I started from birth to this, this is like this. Until one day, I met her, I know that I can do other things except for drift. She is also a drifting bottle, a beautiful and beautiful glass bottle.

When I saw her, she also saw me, two bottles met in the sea, I was excited, I didn't know what to say! I know you, she said. you know me? I am very surprised. I am a sesame oil bottle before becoming a drifting bottle, you are placed on my left in the supermarket! She said with a smile.

real? I asked, and recalled the beautiful days in the past. In this way, I have a lovely companion in the process of drifting, and the difference is that there is no thing in her empty belly. She said to me, a girl put her into the sea, maybe she only felt This is fun! I said to her, I have a wishes of a boy, I have to help him complete the wish. Because of this, I can't keep it too close to her, because with the wave of the waves, we will hit each other into a fragment.

She said she didn't care, I said I care, I want.

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