A drinking plastic bottle on the big bridge


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

A drunk plastic bottle is on the big bridge, it originally thought that he would be sold again after processing, but the result is not the case. A child kicked, it fell into the river, no day, night, it thinks it is also a passion. It doesn't want to leave this river, because this crystal clear stream has many small fish squid accompanying it.

The good scene is not long, and its similarity is more and more - plastic bottles and garbage, etc. At the same time he found that his similarity, he also found that the stream did not have a clear river in the river, and it was even more excited that there was still a smell of odor. The little fish squat did not live active, they all floated on the river.

No matter how she will get them, they are not willing to move. The most terrible thing is that their eyes are out of which no angry. A farmer touches the person throws a strange bottle down, "What is you?" He floated over to he greet him.

"You are idiot! I am a famous pesticide bottle!" The pesticide bottle said proudly. "You are the culprit!" "" I am not the culprit, I am the treatment, human beings will throw me into this river after using me, so human beings are culprit. "" "" " Throw you into the river, you will die, you will die, and people who eat small fish, people who are poisoned, human beings have serious harm to the ecological environment, what can I do? "Plastic bottle is sad .

"It doesn't matter if you look at the bridge is not written" It is strictly forbidden to fill the garbage, the violation is fined "" "Pesticide bottle comfort plastic bottle. "What can be used, people are just furnishings." Plastic bottles and pesticide bottles are silent.

After a few months in the river, the human beings finally realized that their mistakes were finally remedied, although there were still some bad eggs to throw garbage in the river, but much better than before. In fact, how much it wants to call people in the inner heart of the plastic bottle, do not persecute the environment, but to protect the environment, everyone is responsible.

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