Introducing a sealing method of an eye aqueous water plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

If there is no special sealing machine, the sealing of the eye medicine water plastic bottle is very troublesome. A simple sealing method is now introduced, that is, the method of ironing the iron. We originally touched the eye droplet bottle mouth directly to the iron, but when it was too much, it was not easy to seal; especially the oil preparation of the compound mint drip nasal liquid sample, and once the oil overflowed the bottle mouth, it was more difficult to ban.

We have used one of the insulating cloth (polyfluoroethylene film) for a package motor, high temperature, sterilization, in the eye medicine water bottle, and suppress, more time and effort. Just this insulating cloth is now difficult to buy, and the price is more expensive. We have also used a general packaging plastic film, but they have lost due to high temperatures.

After testing the oil wax paper with kraft paper or honey pill instead of insulating cloth, the effect is very good. The specific sealing method is now introduced, in order to sharing with peers: (1) Oil wax paper kraft milk sterilization, ethylene oxide is sterilized, and ultraviolet sterilization can also be used. (2) Iron preheating, temperature adjustment in cotton fabric gear.

(3) Put the paper on the plastic bottle of plastic, by iron pressing for about half a minute, I feel that the iron is slightly pressed. (4) When the paper is slightly cold, it is slowly reused. (5) Check the sealing situation, no sealing re-gathered reassembly, usually each of the success rates of each microsold is above 90%.

The oil wax paper is best, translucent, and the level of the seal can be observed, and the oil wax paper is insoluble, non-stick bottle, non-adhesive iron, and the shortage speed is faster. Kraft paper can also, is not ambolted, it is basically non-painted, and the disadvantage is not translucent, but the source is easy.

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