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Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Today, I saw a real report: A 12-year-old girl in the United Arab Emirates, because she has used the same mineral water plastic bottle for six consecutive months, she has cancer. In the bottle, there is a plastic bottle material called PET, which is safe, if you reuse it due to saving or convenient, there is a carcinogenic crisis. 1. General mineral water jar, bottom representation 1, - PET polyethylene terephthalate, is a common mineral water bottle, carbonated bottle, etc.

Heat-resistant to 70 ° C is easy to deform, and there is a substance that is harmful to the human body. After 10 months of plastic products, the carcinogen DEHP may be released. Can't put in the car in the car; don't give alcohol, oil and other substances.

2. Nongfu Springs 4 lift, bottom mark 2 --- HDPE high-density polyethylene, common white bottle, cleaning supplies, shower gel plastic bottle products. Don't use it as a cup, or to make storage containers to install other items. Cleaning is not thorough, do not recycle.

3. Ordinary white plastic box, bottom sign 5 --- PVC to circulate ethylene, common raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box, etc., excellent plasticity, cheap, so use is very popular, only 81 ° C, It is easy to produce a bad material when high temperatures, rarely used in food packaging. It is difficult to clean and easy to residue. Do not recycle. If you put a drink, don't buy it.

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