Acrylic material plastic bottle packaging


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Acrylic acid (Adgli) cosmetic bottle, in the texture of the glass bottle with low cost characteristics, which makes other cosmetic bottles of packaging containers grow high-speed, accounting for large market share. However, behind the high-speed growth, almost no use in other packaging fields. In the field of food, the plastic bottle of propylene material is not easy to achieve the standard of edible, and it can be found that it is difficult to enter the field of food packaging.

In the chemical industry, the cost of chemical industrial products is low, compared to Materials such as PVC, PP, is difficult to compete in packaging costs. In the field of medicine packaging, acrylic packaging is a lot of PET plastic bottles with good performance. Therefore, the performance of the packaging material of the propylene plastic bottle is improved, so that it adapts to greater markets is the only countermeasure for continuous market growth.

If it is not possible, the propylene plastic bottle is difficult to break through the new market. Blowing bottle, plastic bottle manufacturer, professional blow molding 13 years, for customers. Consultation Purchasing Tel: 13922888294 WeChat.

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