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For the display of solid plastic bottles, there is a certain advantage of the function of the goods, and it is also possible to show the functionality of the goods through the appearance of the beautiful, colorful, surface lightness, etc., which can be attracted Customers, and can inspire customers' purchase desires. In the 1980s, as my country continued to introduce advanced solid plastic bottles production line from abroad,"Plastic"generation"glass"The prelude, from this solid plastic bottle is widely used in the packaging field. The maximum feature of solid plastic bottles is the quality, not broken, clean, beautiful, and some technical indicators and large amounts of data indicate their chemical resistance, and the water-resistant steam permeability is excellent. It can completely in the validity period of the product. The product acts as a safety shielding and protection.

Most of the solid plastic bottles are plastic products, polyethylene, and poly bingxi these two materials non-toxic and tasteless, used to filling drinks. At present, the nutrition and health products sold in the country, most of the various food and drinks are packaged in solid plastic bottles. You can easily visit the supermarket, and you can use solid plastic bottles. Solid plastic bottles are mainly based on non-toxic polymer polymers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester (PET), poly bingxi (PP), polycarbonate (PC) as the main raw material, using advanced plastic molding processes And equipment produce a variety of solid plastic bottles, mainly in all kinds of JIAONANG, tablets, powders, granules, glue pills, oral liquids, etc. Solids and liquids.

Nutritional health products mainly use polyester bottles (PET bottles) and high-density polyethylene bottles (HDPE bottles), but beverages mainly use polyester bottles (PET), daily necessities such as shampoo, shower gel use high-density polyethylene bottles ( HDPE bottle) is more.

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