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The spirit of the craftsman has always been our consistent, as a traditional plastic bottle manufacturer in Shenzhen, which is also the spirit of the company has been adhering. There is a furniture company in Japan, has always adhered to the pure hand-made furniture, which is the Qiushan Woodworking of Mr. Qiushan Lihui. It is the Japanese Royal Furniture Supplier. It has been insisting on apprentices. Every Qiushan woodworking disciple has come in, to learn over 8 years It can be a teacher, here, employees are disciples. Adhere to pure handmade furniture, Qiushan Lihui said that the spirit of the craftsman is the machine never replaces.

Here, Koopeng plastic does not veto the machine, but to learn the spirit of the craftsman of Qiushan Woodworking, adhering to the spirit of the craftsman to serve customers. Today, in the traditional manufacturing of white heat competition, plastic bottle manufacturers are not only to broaden the sales channels, but also have the spirit of traits, constantly grinding their own products, only have excellent product quality, can create China's brand.

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