The advantages and scope of application of toys PET food grade packaging transparent plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Various toys transparent packaging plastic bottles, PET materials, colorless transparency, clearly see the product state after packaging, with food grade quality assurance, through various tests. If the bottle has a full water capacity of 480 ml, the bottle is 94mm in the body, and the height of the bottle is 85mm. The toy packaging can be equipped, or it is not equipped with a gasket; an aluminum foil gasket or pressure sensitive gasket can be used at the bottle.

The PET plastic bottle is not high temperature, more than 50 degrees, which are deformed, relatively thin bottles are more obvious, using the process to pay attention to temperature, to avoid the loss of waste loss. In addition to toy packaging, except for toy packaging, this bottle can also install all kinds of customers need packaging products, suitable for all kinds of leisure food, dried fruit snacks, candy, annual goods, grains, fish food cat dog food, mushroom red dates, electronic products , Toys, stationery, data cable, pet supplies, etc. The bottle can be recycled, and the product can be cleaned after the product can be cleaned, put some candy, peanuts as the storage can, can also be used as a paper towel, pen tube, etc.

A lot of uses can be done, and it can be used only. The color of the bottle can do not only do a single transparent color, such as customer products to prevent light, similar to the product color of the package, can be made according to the customer's request. The bottle is like a monotonous, label, shrink film, or silk screen, etc.

Can also make LOGO in the bottom of the bottle, a hand-covered cover, a cent cover, and an aluminum cover can also do LOGO in the cover.

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