Advantages and materials of PET plastic bottles


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Advantages and production technology of PET plastic bottles: PET plastic bottles are mainly plastic products for health care products, which can guarantee normal transportation and use of health products. PET plastic bottle plans an important role in the production and packaging of health care products, PET plastic bottles, the main material is resin, its nature of its nature: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, surface has no gloss, white waxy particle density of milky white It was 0.920 g / cm 3, dissolved at 130 ° C to 145 ° C. The PET plastic bottle can withstand good high temperatures, do not produce certain deformations and damage in high temperatures, and will not produce certain harmful gases, endangering human health.

PET's plastic bottle, play a good value of use in the health world, can play an important packaging effect. The production technology of PET plastic bottles is produced by certain processes and methods, strictly abide by certain engineering and standards for production, ensuring that the production of plastic bottles have not had certain environmental pollution, and to achieve a qualified standard for certain health. Plastic bottles are mainly high-density polyethylene (HART), polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PC) as the main raw material, producing various plastic bottles with advanced plastic molding processes and equipment.

Production of various Kum bags, pills, pills, powder medicine, hydraulic water, oral liquid, etc., etc., use polyester bottles (PET bottles) and high-density polyethylene bottles (HART bottles), main It is the polyester bottle (PET) is being used. The daily necessities uses a high-density polyethylene bottle (Hare bottle) for shampoo and shower. The number of beverage bottles is plastic products, polyethylene, and polypropylene materials are non-toxic tastes, drinks, etc. are safe to the human body.


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