Advantages of plastic bottles - PET, food, medicine, etc.


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Since the end of the 1970s, plastic bottles serve as a packaging material of the beverage, widely used detergents and other consumer goods. Polyethylene terephthalate and other compounds due to several advantages of plastic bottles, production include toughness, energy savings and relief. Plastic bottles are economical, safe use and recycling.

Rugged and safe unlike glass containers, plastic bottles are rugged and elastic; they do not break into sharp blocks, making products and packaging safety. Because of the plastic polymer, the molecules are together with a short link, they have many useful toughness and chemical resistance. The same elastic makes the plastic bottle may leak or rupture, and the external transport carton protection content.

Shapes and color plastic materials are easily shaped into a variety of bottles, improve their appearance and utility. For example, the manufacturer will affect the integration, the measurement mark and the lips into some type of plastic bottle. In addition, plastics can be easily identified from clear to any shadow or color, translucent or opaque, which makes the product and brands.

Plastic bottles do not need paint; coloring materials and plastic resins, so it will never run, friction or wash away. Save energy plastic bottles lighter weight than glass peers, reduce energy and cost requirements for ship products. Because of the soft, relatively low melting point, the plastic bottle consumed less energy than glass manufacturing.

A recyclable material After the first use, pets and other types of plastic bottles are easily recovered into many types of secondary products, including carpet fibers, pillows fillers, handbags and straps. Some beverage bottles and non-food containers are used to recycle plastics. Weight light plastic bottles minimize the material recovery center of transportation costs.

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