Advantages of a plastic bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

There is a type of packaging in the plastic bottle packaging market, the mouth of the bottle is greater than the ordinary plastic bottle mouth, we call it a plastic bottle. In fact, the wide range of plastic bottles are widely used, such as dried fruits, pickles, rice, and other solid things such as screws, all solid-states are available in the wide mouth plastic bottle. The port of PET raw materials is widely used in the port, the bottle is transparent, and the port is convenient to take out the product.

Other packaging of the wide mouth plastic bottle packaging is more beautiful in the plastic bag, on the one hand, the appearance is more beautiful, the user can clearly see the products inside. On the other hand, it is convenient to use in the portable plastic bottle. Of course, there is also a glass material in the wide mouth bottle. However, the author believes that in comparison, the gallop plastic bottle packaging is more convenient, more resistant, and the price advantage is also more obvious.

Therefore, the future portable plastic bottle is inevitably the dominant market.

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