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According to the staff's understanding, my country's medicinal industry has an annual output value of $ 15 billion. It is expected that in the next few years, the market for drugs in the world will become the second largest proprietary point of economic growth in the plastic packaging industry. It will also become a pharmaceutical plastic bottle of development speed zui fast in my country. Packaging of the industry. About five years later, my country will become the market of medicinal plastic bottles in Zui in the world.

When designing the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, if its raw materials are high-density polyethyl xi or polypropylene xi, the cross section of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is designed to be rectangular; if its raw materials are low-density PET xi or other flexible plastics, The cross section of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is designed to be circular, so that the drugs are easily removed from the pharmaceutical plastic bottle. Medicinal plastic bottles are much more, good performance, and different requirements for pharmaceutical plastic bottles from materials to structural and performance. The production enterprise of the drug is low, and the equipment type is different. It is also necessary to pay attention to the following aspects in design.

When a pharmaceutical plastic bottle of a pharmaceutical bottle is purchased, pay attention to the nature of the material and the drug to be packaged, and some responses will occur between the two, thereby affecting the performance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle. When the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is in charge, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is considered to confirm whether the pharmaceutical bottle is used in this pharmaceutical bottle. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle is capable of preventing moisture oxidation in the pharmaceutical packaging, thus requiring the materials used in plastic bottles with good barrier properties for water vapor and oxygen.

PVC poly chloride Xi PVC material is common with raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic box, etc. Its plasticity is excellent, the price is cheap, so it is very common, but it can only heat to 80 degrees. If you encounter high temperatures, it is easy to produce bad substances, rarely used in food packaging, and also extremely difficult to clean the residual items.

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