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In our daily lives, there are few plastic bottles and beverage tanks. If you use improper treatment, you will have damage to natural ecology, and you will re-use all kinds of plastic bottles that are idle and used, and turn waste into treasures. A kind of lifestyle for nature. Plastic bottles are very good because of the latency of materials, and will not rust, it is very suitable for doing some interesting household items and exquisite handicrafts, which is to have a life, have a fun, and protect resources. When we created with your child, many waste is not only a good game material, but can conduct active explorations, and in the process of making the child, you can experience the happiness of success, the most important thing is to manually, let the child Established environmental awareness and understands the meaning of turning waste into treasures.

1. Decorate the plastic bottle with a beautiful flower cloth to make a very warm small vase. 2, wrap the plastic bottle layer with the colorful yarn, is also a good way to make a homemade vase. At home, it is full of artistic atmosphere. 4, put the bottom of the two big cola bottles to the seam, make a very practical small storage bag, you can put the needle line, let change, and use a lot.

5, this is a natural plant small greenhouse, try it. 6, pocket small vases, small details in the room. 7, the bottle cover makes the driver disk and the wheel, the straw is made axle, the small carton is doing a seat, cutting some waste cartons, making a wheel, plastic bottle is doing the body, this tractor is good. 8, make a beautiful boat, let it take the wind and waves, and go forward.

9, they can become smart graffiti gadgets: a plum blossom is created with a big Coke bottle, very beautiful 10, live flexible small penguins, bottles can be brushed and white, or cotton plug in. 11, small monsters hit? 12, do a hardworking little bee, take this opportunity to take children to understand the related knowledge of insects. 13, make a small lighthouse, let it illuminate the direction of the small car small.


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