Common quality fault analysis in plastic bottle covers during processing


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

1 Made This is the quality term in the plastic industry, refers to the useless part of the product edge portion, and the portion is usually a little injured, so it is called a gum. The plastic industry is sometimes referred to as a burr, fever and overflow. 1.1 Process Factors (1) The filling pressure is too large and the speed is too fast, which causes a swollen mold, resulting in the case of the filling, should be appropriately reduced, or reduce the melt temperature, make the viscosity increase.

(2) The pressure pressure is too large, the plastic is forced condensation, there will be a large residual stress, so that the strength is lowered, and there is a possible overflow, and should reduce the pressure pressure. (3) Tube temperature or heat flow temperature is too high, the viscosity of the melt is reduced, the fluidity is good, and the temperature can be appropriately reduced, or the injection pressure is appropriately reduced. (4) The mold temperature is too high, not only will the climbs, but also defects such as product deformation, which can be taken to lower the temperature of the chiller or increase the mold temperature.

(5) Improper injection switching position, turn the switching position or tune the dose. 1.2 Equipment Factors (1) Machine-locking mold cylinders, should be maintained for the machine table lock cylinder and replace the oil seal. (2) Corinthum column is not parallel, the machine lock fixation plate and the movable plate are not perpendicular to the latch connecting rod copper sleeve, should be adjusted to the machine desk Green column parallelism and replace the locking rod copper.

(3) The machine lock has not enough, causing a slit at the cross-section, which should be modified to increase the moderator. 1.3 Mold Factors (1) The exhaust holes are too thick and should be re-processed. (2) The slider is not in place, modulate or replace the latch and slider to improve the cooperation accuracy.

(3) Improper installation of the mold insert, reinstall the insert and adjust the compatibility between the various inserts. (4) The flow path is unbalanced, and the heat flow trailer and impurities should be removed to make the flow path to balance and use a clean raw material. (5) Damage of mold inserts, repair and replacement of the insert.

(6) Inserts insert, modify the gap between the mating between the mold insert, or the filling switch position is reduced and reduced to reduce pressure and speed. (7) The mold core and the cavity and each of the respective inserts are poor, the mold is repaired to reduce the mold core and the cavity and the respective inserts. 2 The deficient disadvantage means that some incomplete phenomena or one of the multi-cavities occur in a portion of the plurality of cavities are not fully filled, and it typically occurs in a place away from or thin.

2.1 Process Factors (1) The filling pressure is too small and the speed is too slow. During the injection molding process, the pressure loss due to pressure loss is insufficient, and the melt is difficult to full. (2) The injection time is too short, the melt is not fully filled, the injection process has ended, and the temperature of the injection time or increasing the injection speed (3) is too low, the melt flow resistance is increased, and the flow rate is slow, even The flow path, gate or the midway is solidified to continue the feed, and it is not easy to fill the cavity. You can increase the temperature of the chiller to increase the mold temperature.

(4) Tube temperature or heat flow temperature is too low, affecting the fluidity of the melt, can easily lead to insufficient heat, and can increase the temperature or increase injection pressure. 2.2 Equipment Factors (1) Hirder is blocked, affecting the discharge, should be cleaned, and clean raw materials. (2) A rubber cylinder.

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