Washing cylinder packaging needs to enhance anti-counterfeiting


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   At present, there are still some bulk washing, and some individuals will purchase these bulk washing. However, these bulk washing is very irregular. There is also no unified packaging, and people who buy these detergents often use some vacant bottles and buckets in their own home.

These bulk bottles, buckets are used as washing cylinders, especially some people with food bottles, beverage bottles to fill, replace the detergent bottle, which will lead to the emergence of bad food.   For the current bulk detergent, the author believes that it will gradually replace it like bulk food, so this is not the main problem with the current detergent bottle packaging. We believe that a big problem in the current detergent market is the authenticity of detergent.

A lot of small workshop washing cleansing workshops lacking funds, lacking market, lack of brands. In this case, many manufacturers falsified the well-known brand enterprises, filling the fake detergent, which makes the detergent of the detergent of the detergent. Therefore, enhance the anti-counterfeiting ability of the detergent bottle, allowing consumers to identify the authenticity of washing fine bottles, is an aspect of the flush bottle manufacturers in the future.

   Of course, the humanized design of the wash cylinder packaging in the future is also improved.

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