Recognize the direction of the seasoning bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Plastic seasoning bottle, in the past some time, in the process of gradually improved the economic life, the market demand has been relatively large, and there is also a part of the plastic bottle manufacturers to start engaged in the production of plastic seasoning bottles. However, as people's quality of life, glass and metal aluminum seasoning bottles will be more popular. In addition, plastic bottles are unstable during high temperatures and long-term use, and plastic seasoning bottles are decline in market demand in recent years.

For the author, the author does not recommend using plastic seasoning bottles. Because of the high temperature in the kitchen environment, plastic seasoning bottles are really worrying under high temperature environment. In this regard, glass and metal seasoning bottles are obvious more relieved.

After all, seasonings are about to be healthy. Most of the consumers in the market will also hold such views. In addition, the speed of the typical home replacement of the seasoning bottle is often slower. It is also a plastic bottle packaging with a seasoning bottle.

   As a plastic seasoning bottle packaging, we think that the market we want the main attack is not a seasoning bottle used by consumers, but some condiment manufacturers, this should be the main market. The seasoning bottle packaging in the daily kitchen can not be used as the main market direction.

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