Look at the small sign on the cosmetic bottle?


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Look at the small sign on the cosmetic bottle? A dazzling cosmetic bottle, bottle bottle tank, all kinds of small signs above, I don't know if you have noticed it, you know, don't understand, look! There is definitely you don't know, everyone's purchase of these cosmetics bottles have barcodes, small logo, I want to know how to understand these small markers and barcodes? Top 1 cosmetic bottle bar code is four parts, 1-3 countries do not code (690-695 is China code, 4-8 representative manufacturer code, 9-12 representative factory goods code, 13 is the check code, based on a certain algorithm, is calculated from the front 12 digits. 2 Shelf life time cosmetic bottle common opening small can logo is the meaning of the long-term length after opening, M represents the month, such as indicating 12M That is, the opening of the opening of the opening is 12 months. 3 The capacity of the small partner will see a big ℮ on the cosmetic bottle, which represents the estimated.

For example, the packaging is marked 500ml, but it may actually be a little more or less, will add ℮. 4. Cosmetic bottle organic product logo will be labeled through the EU organic certified cosmetic bottle. 5. Cosmetic bottle ingredient marker Ethanol ethanol: Salicylic acid salicylic acid, PABA to aminobenzoic acid, Phenoxyethanol Phenoxethanol, AHA, Bha Fruit Acid / a lysteen Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. 13 years During the period, mass production plastic blowing bottle manufacturer, looking forward to the future, Mei Friendly is confident.

Will adhere to the "integrity-based" corporate tenet, in the spirit of mutual benefit, long-term cooperation, provide services to our customers with high-quality service, reasonable price, warmly welcome new and old guests from all walks of life to negotiate business, investment cooperation . Company website: www.hzkepeng.com.

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