Analysis of future development trend of plastic bottles industry


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Plastic bottles, this term is not strange to most people, every industry has some industry knowledge, then today we will look at the development trend of plastic bottles in this industry and some knowledge points, most people only know, plastics The bottle is glue, that is, use plastic, what is the material, what crafts, many people don't know, but as a profession in the industry, I have to popularize some common sense to everyone. There are a lot of materials in plastic bottles, generally commonly used to PET, PE, of course, not just these two materials, such as HDPE, PETG, PVC, etc., plastic bottles are also known as plastic cans, plastic tanks, plastic bottles, etc., for a child, We went to buy a lollipop and will take several roots from a large plastic tank, because we can't afford the whole can. This jar must also have seen everyone.

But for the current development trend, this packaging is not good, of course, this big concept is still existing, just a little fluctuation, for candy, the package must be appropriate, also There must be creativity, and practical, there is a certain advantage in the price, such as this: shape diversified trend gradually becomes some development direction, but these flower branches will not be a mainstream, after all, is not big Most people know and accept, in the plastic bottle manufacturer, I obviously feel the changes in the market are very fast, such as the thorough investigation of environmental protection in the past two years, so many Small enterprises fall down. Regardless of the style of the plastic bottle, there will always be a probably worth, but there is a large size of the fluctuations, and it will not change thoroughly.

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