Analysis of the Influence of Packaging Materials on Food Safety


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The impact of packaging materials on food safety is analyzed that "people are all food for the sky, and they are first", and food safety has always been closely related to people's lives. With the continuous improvement of the living standards of the people, consumers have gradually improved their attention to food safety. Food packaging is an important part of food processing, accompanied by the continuous improvement and development of today's science and technology, the types of food packaging materials are also increasingly rich.

At the same time, since the food safety accident caused by the packaging material is endless, people will force people to pay attention to the safety of food packaging materials. This paper mainly discusses the impact of packaging materials on food safety, and proposes one - some resolution countermeasures. Food packaging safety status food packaging is the last process of modern enterprises, which use appropriate packaging materials, containers and packaging technology to wrap their food to ensure the quality and safety of food.

Food packaging can prevent it from being damaged by foreign factors such as biological, chemical, physics in the circulation of food to the plant to consumers, to maintain the original ingredients and nutrition. Food packaging mainly includes two aspects, on the one hand, the choice of food packaging materials, on the other hand, the use of packaging technology, and the choice of food packaging materials is especially important for food safety. Due to the early food industry, the research on food packaging materials is relatively improved.

Foreign scholars have conducted in-depth research on the problems of small molecular pollutants and toxicity in paper, plastics, metal cans food packaging materials. my country's food industry starts late, people have fewer understandings of food packaging, and there are more deficiencies in food packaging. In recent years, my country has a series of food safety issues caused by packaging materials, such as the "fluorescent substance exceeds", kitchen "manganese overboot", cola can explode, so that the safety problem of food packaging materials has become a hot spot for everyone. .

The source of harmful substances in food packaging materials and their impact on food safety currently have more food packaging materials allowed in my country, with main paper, plastic, metal, glass, and ceramics. 1. Paper packaging materials affect food safety, as the most traditional packaging materials, the packaging price is low, good production flexibility, easy to storm, convenient storage and transportation, is quite wide in people's daily lives. People often make paper bags, cartons, cartons, paper cups, paper tubes, etc. to pack food.

However, there is a certain safety hazard in paper packaging materials. Part of the paper packaging material is produced by waste paper. There will be some mildew paper during collecting raw materials. After production, a large amount of mold and pathogens are produced, and the packaging for food will make food corruption. At the same time, in the recycled waste paper may contain harmful substances such as lead, cadmium, polychlorinated biphenyl, these materials can cause dizziness, insomnia, and forget or even lead to cancer.

Some food plants do not use food packaging for special inks when using paper food packaging materials, and these non-special oils.

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