Cosmetic bottle packaging use scene conversion


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   The design experience of cosmetic bottles, about this part, the author thinks it should be combined with the use scene. A good cosmetic bottle packaging should be able to achieve "properly". It is necessary to adapt to the consumer scenario where consumers are located.

The reason why this is this because of the increase in living standards, people use cosmetics scenes more diversified, except for daily homes, go out, travel, on the car, ride on the field or in the wild camping.   The cosmetic bottle packaging is too much in the past design, which emphasizes the beautiful novel, continuously thickening, and even more and more choices use glass. It is clear that this idea is correct for a cosmetic bottle packaging that pays attention to appearance and temperament.

But once the scene changes, it is clear that this cumbersome broth is obviously un practical for outdoor scenes. As long as we calm down, we can quickly analyze it. Outdoor travel needs simple and easy to use cosmetic bottles package, which is easy to carry.   Therefore, regardless of cosmetics or cosmetic bottles, they need to be aware of consumer consumer scenarios, and improve products and cosmetic bottles.

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