Plastic honey bottle application and use method


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The introduction of the article now, people are increasingly paying attention to health, and more and more people have begun to understand the importance of honey health. Honey market sales are growing. Honey directly sold directly from the bee field also has a very good market performance in various honey products sold in the market.

However, the packaging market of honey bottles needs to rise continuously, but they have not obtained effective specifications. Now, many consumers in the market tend to purchase honey quality in the supermarket, so many people will buy them through bees. The size of the bee is a thousand words, because the size is different, so honey plastic bottles cannot be used.

Because honey belongs to food, the safety of honey bottles is related to our consumer health, and it needs to cause full attention. In addition, in the current market, the honey bottle is relatively single, and it is necessary to improve the user's experience. For example, honey bottles sold on the market are basically 300 ml.

However, the amount of honey is limited daily, so there is a small capacity honey bottle. Couple with honey cover, the current honey cover is also sharp on ordinary spiral covers. This is to prevent honey from sticking with the bottle.

However, the effect is not ideal, it needs to be improved. Consultation Order Tel: 0755-3737979 Summer Manager: 13922888294.

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