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The pharmaceutical plastic bottle has the advantages of lightness, high strength, not easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygiene, in line with special requirements for drug packaging, etc. Medicinal packaging containers, are widely used in oral solid drugs (such as tablets, glue * agents, granules, etc.) and oral liquid medicines such as syrup, tarate, etc.). Compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle has many special places, which are roughly aspects: When choosing a pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pay attention to its main raw materials and auxiliary formulations. Solid pharmaceutical plastic bottle production standards are strict, and due to the different drugs, it has been made, respectively, and the plastic bottles of different drugs have their own main raw materials.

Moreover, the plastic bottle is used by medicinal, and it is related to human life, so it must be in line with non-toxic and no taste. To select a plastic bottle with a bottle body and a bottle cap and a good permeability of water vapor. The sealant and water vapor permeability of packaging are two very important technical indicators for choosing pharmaceutical plastic bottles, which have a crucial impact on drug stability in the bottle.

The empty forming equipment in the pharmaceutical plastic bottle varies depending on the molding method, mainly divided into three types: extrusion blow molding machine, injection molding machine, and"Squeeze - pull - blow"or"Note - pull - blow"Forming Machine. Extrusion blow molding and injection molding machines are mainly used to produce medium-sized plastic bottles,"Squeeze - pull - blow"or"Note - pull - blow"The molding machine is used in the production of large bottles. Currently, in my country, it is used to apply extrusion blow molding and injection molding machine ZUI.

Processing technology of pharmaceutical plastic bottle: Characteristics of pharmaceutical polyester raw materials for bottle bodied polyester (PET) raw materials are satially linear thermoplastic polyesters, mainly used functional indicators: characteristic viscosity should be controlled at 70 ~ 85ml / g to make the blow molded bottle have high mechanical strength and transparency. The PET plastic bottle is used in a bottle having a large volume (greater than 2 liters), and the characteristic viscosity of the polyester raw material is 70 to 75 ml / g. Needle blow molding pharmaceutically acceptable bottles preferred materials for higher characteristic viscosity indicators.

Because of the accuracy of the use of raw material varieties, it is related to the selection of the production process parameters of production and the quality of the bottle.

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