Wine bottle packaging why it has been with glass


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The world, regardless of size, I believe there are countless plastic bottle manufacturers try to enter the wine bottle market, including some wine vendors to win more market share, and try to use plastic bottles to replace traditional glass wine bottles packaging. However, so far, the case of plastic bottles replaces the glass wine bottle is almost zero. Because glass wine bottles have passed the wine packaging market, it is not just that simple packaging.

It has been closely connected with wine, and the glass wine bottle will have a direct or indirect impact on the quality taste of the wine. The plastic bottle is almost unable to surpass this in this regard. First, the bottle of the wine bottle gradually evolves from the beginning of the fat circle, which makes the wine to be matched, this process condenses a lot of wisdom and history.

Second, we all know that the packaging market is now pursuing lightweight, but the wine bottle maintains an inherent thickness, which is not a wine bottle manufacturer does not think ink, but has a deep reason. Because the wine carbonization process will produce a lot of pressure, the thick wine bottle wall can withstand this pressure without breaking. Finally, the wine bottles are colored. On the one hand, you can distinguish the production area of ​​different wines. At the same time, the wine can be protected from the infringement of the light.   In fact, the vintage bottle capacity, the unevenness of the bottom of the bottle has its own special use, not the ordinary plastic bottle can be easily.

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