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On June 2, more than 70 companies from Shenzhen, a total of more than 300 team elites publicly gathered in Shenzhen Sun Moon Lake Resort. It is here that will open the 4th Niucha Chamber of Competition. Of course, the beautiful fruit as an excellent positive company is of course the first to rush forward, in the general leadership of Xia, the next morning.

The photo taken below the elites of Beauty. The company's major trunk, financial, workshop master, customer, promotion, business, and order. Of course, the rightmost fat is me.

On the first day, we started to expand Liu An for a day, let the entire team cohesive, higher! More atmosphere! I was divided into a group. Everyone learned from the stranger and went to the team that did not say anything, I met the elite of all walks of life, learning, playing game sharing, reflecting the insufficient, shortcomings, and improvement. The new start we set up a new goal, strive to do good products, do better products, oath. It does not reach a voluntary punishment.

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