Where is the high profit of the bottle cover?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    In the packaging industry, the bottle production and processing has been in labor high-intensive low-profit processing industries. Many manufacturers can only earn very low profits to maintain the development of the company. Therefore, some difficulty production small and medium cap enterprises have chosen transumation or close.

For the bottle cap industry, find high profits is the breakthrough point of all manufacturers and the entire industry. The author believes that the following aspects are possible breakthroughs in the bottle cap manufacturers. The first aspect is the anti-counterfeiting bottle cover, the price of the anti-counterfeiting bottle cover is several or more times the ordinary bottle cover, which is an absolute high profit area in the bottle cap.

The only listed company in the cap industry, Shandong Lipeng, is also engaged in the production of anti-counterfeiting wine bottles. Not just wine bottle cover, we know that all markets in China are all flooding in counterfeit products. Cosmetic cap, food bottle cover, etc. continue to introduce anti-counterfeiting cap.

This is our bottle cover manufacturers can actively enter the field.    The second aspect is the field of innovation cap, which contains more high value. We know that there are still a lot of bottle covers design, which is invested in capital development, and the design is more in line with people's needs and preferences, and the market is controlled by patent protection.

For example, the spray pump is developing on the basis of the traditional bottle cover, but its profit is much higher than the ordinary bottle cap.

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