Bottle cover recycling small knowledge


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

The bottle cover recycling a small knowledge, many people cover the bottle cover when sending a liquid plastic bottle. This is usually not suitable. This is not due to the use of plastics used to make plastic solution bottles that cannot be recycled - most types of plastics can be recycled.

But because plastic used to make plastic bottles and plastics for making bottles are usually not the same type, and if two types of plastic are recovered together, it is equivalent to contamination of a plastic to another plastic. Thereby reducing its utilization value, or it takes labor to separate the two when processing. Another reason for non-reclaiming cap is that when the recycling center processes the plastic bottle, the bottle cap is likely to pick up the machine. In addition, the cap may threaten the safety of recycling workers.

The recycled liquid plastic bottle must be flat, packaged before the run. If the cover of the liquid plastic bottle is tight, the bottle is not critical, then when the temperature rises, it may explode due to the inflation of the air in the bottle, so that the worker is injured. Therefore, before recovering the plastic bottle, take the bottle cover, throw away, actually is a responsible practice.

Some recycling centers may also accept the recycling of the cap, but it should also be open to the cap and bottle.

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