Distance problem of glass bottles package


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Also belong to hollow products, in transportation because of more space, it is not conducive to transportation, but it is more unfavorable with plastic bottles. This is mainly heavier with the self-weight of the glass bottle, and the load capacity of the car during the transportation is higher. This will inevitably increase much for transportation costs.

In addition, the glass bottle is fragile and long-distance transport can lead to higher crushing rates.   For the above reasons, in a glass bottle packaging products, you will lose your order because of distance distance. At present, the domestic glass bottle manufacturers have been distributed, more concentrated, mainly concentrated in the province of Suzhou, Rugao, Shandong Yucheng, Henan Linzhou, etc.

The glass bottle manufacturers in the south and western regions are less distributed. For our glass bottles, market competition is not only inside the glass bottle industry, but other packaging materials are also impacting the entire market.   A reasonable layout is especially important for glass bottles manufacturers. For manufacturers with certain market size, it will greatly improve market competitiveness.

At least, for glass bottles manufacturers, choose to have a convenient hub area in transportation.

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