Bottle packaging is lightweight to distinguish


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   At present, lightweight has become a market trend, whether it is a glass bottle or plastic bottle packaging, the entire industry has a lightweight in the packaging. Lightweight of packaging For plastic bottles, glass bottles, it is indeed a lot, we also analyzed many times. However, today I believe that light quantification does not apply to all plastic bottles, glass bottles involved, and require specific analysis of specific issues.

   First, people's usage habits must be considered. For example, we all know that the wine bottle is more heavy. If we replace it into a lightweight bottle, consumers will buy them. Because the use of wine bottles has already had a hundred years of history, but also forms a unified norm, although there are wine bottles or paper bottles in recent years, these innovative categories packaging products are completely unable to shake traditional wine bottles. Is a powerful illustration.

Second, lightweight does not affect the safety parameters of the product packaging. One of our usual use of champagne bottles, a great reason is that champagne bottles packaging need to bear great internal pressure, and if they pursue lightweight on the champagne bottle, it is obvious that there must be some problems,   In short, lightweight is a trend, it is necessary to advocate, but it must be done in specific problems.

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