How to test sealing performance of anti-theft plastic bottle cover


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   Plastic anti-theft cap is a common packaging form of a bottle package, especially in the field of beverage, which is more widely used. It can be divided into gas beverage bottle cap (referred to as gas cover) and gas-free beverage cap (referred to as "according to its use No air cover). Generally, the polyolefin is a main raw material, which is formed by process molding, hot pressing and other processes. Plastic anti-theft caps require easy consumers to turn on, and avoid the occurrence of leakage problems due to poor sealing performance.

How to reasonably control the bottle cap sealing performance is the focus of online or offline detection of production units. First, the standard test method introduction   National Standard GB / T 17876-1999 specializes in the testing of this plastic anti-theft bottle cover, such as the cap opening, thermal stability, and falling performance, leakage and sealing performance. The sealing performance and the cap opening are opened, the torque torque is an effective way to solve the performance of plastic anti-theft bottle caps.

Different in accordance with the use of the cap, there is different regulations for the measuring method without air cover and gas cover. The bottle cover is not covered with the anti-theft ring (strip), and it is used for rated torque in a rated torque of not less than 1.2 nm. It is tested to 200KPa with a sealing tester. Qi or trip; the gas cover is pressurized to 690 kPa, maintaining pressure under water for 1 minute, observing whether it is leaking, and then increase the pressure to 1207kPa, hold the pressure for 1 minute, and observe whether the bottle cover is trip. Second, the detection application   This paper introduces the LABTHINK Lan Guang's "LSSD-01 leakage and sealed strength tester" as an example.

The instrument can be specialized for quantitative assays of leakage and sealing properties for all threaded diameters of 28 mm, 38 mm, and gas cover and no air cover. Connect the trip strength and the evaluation analysis of the entire bottle sealing, compressiveness, and break resistance. Equipped with specialized "plastic anti-theft bottle cap sealing performance test devices", as shown. The plastic anti-theft bottle cover is packed in a dedicated connection unit, placed in a transparent observation tank, set test conditions such as test pressure or leakage, and test the test, the instrument automatically performs test, test pressure and leakage, etc. Test data can be directly in LCD Display on the LCD screen.

At the same time, it can also be judged by the bubble condition in the transparent observation. 3, summary   The sealing performance of the plastic anti-theft cap is the main factor affecting the deterioration of packaging and product deterioration. By ensuring good opening performance by reasonable control of sealing performance, it can avoid leakage. The above is a brief introduction to the detection of plastic anti-theft bottle leakage and sealing performance, hoping to help the mass control of the production and use unit of the plastic anti-theft bottle.


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