Analysis of the development trend of future cosmetics bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Future cosmetics bottle packaging development trend analysis future cosmetic bottle packaging will evolve in the direction? I believe this is the problem that we are now most concerned about cosmetic bottle manufacturers. Only the future trend of the market can only have four major development directions - functional, environmental protection and luxury. First, the functionality of the cosmetic bottle, such as the antioxidant function of vacuum bottles, etc., can better improve the quality of cosmetics through cosmetic bottles to ensure the stability of cosmetics quality.

This type of cosmetic bottle packaging is naturally being sought after by the manufacturer and welcomes. Secondly, the luxury of cosmetic bottles, in fact, the cosmetics bottle is now demanding cosmetic bottles to luxury packaging, requiring thrift. However, the female consumer market for cosmetic bottles packaging determines the pursuit of other luxurious high-end images.

Therefore, how the cosmetic bottle is doing frugality on the packaging to look high-grade luxury is a problem that manufacturers need to solve. A re-cosmetic bottle is environmentally friendly. Now, whether the government is still increasingly high for packaging, it is a big problem that all cosmetic bottle companies must face in the future. The final cosmetic bottle plastic bottle, consumers' safety and convenience requirements for cosmetic bottles are getting higher and higher, and future packaging will inevitably tend to use the various PETs produced by advanced automation equipment. PE, PP, EVA, K materials are equally designed from mold development, bottle design, silk screen pattern to blow bottle, injection molding, and silk screen printing.

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