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The numbers in the triangular in the bottom of the food plastic bottle are different from 1 to 7, which represents different raw materials in each of them. Number 1 represents PET, mineral water bottles, carbonated food plastic bottles generally use this material, heating is easy to deform, which will dissolve the harmful substance harmful to the human body. Number 2 represents HDPE, which is often used in the production of a bottle, detergent bottle, bathing liquid bottle, etc., and most of the plastic bags used in every day use this material, high temperature, indicating that the plastic bags for food can be placed in food.

Number 3 represents PVC, which is often used in the production of raincoats, plastic film, plastic box and other products. If you use this food packaging, don't let it heat. Digital 4 indicates that LDPE, plastic film, plastic film, etc. are mostly this material. Its product is not strong, so, before putting food into the microwave, be sure to remove the plastic film wrapped above, in order EtOAc. Digital 5 indicates that the special dining box of the PP is made of this material, high temperature resistance, transparency is relatively poor, is a plastic case that can be placed in the microwave.

Number 6 represents PS, which is mainly used for manufacturing materials such as bowls, which are both heat and cold resistant, but the ultra high temperature of the microwave oven is unbearable, and it is not possible to use strong acid, strong alkaline substance, will Decompose the material harmful substance. Digital 7 represents the material of PC and other types, mainly used to make products such as bottles, space cups. When people use such materials, they cannot be heated, and they cannot be exposed to sunlight. If the container has any damage, it is stopwate, because the crack of the plastic product is easy to accumulate.

With these introductions, is everyone knowing about how to identify the type of food plastic bottle. Use the food plastic bottle correctly to create a healthy life. Food plastic bottles are gradually approaching their homogenization in food production.

The process of making it is getting smaller and smaller between the various manufacturers. Many businesses are very difficult to tighten the distance in the competition in the market. The food plastic bottle is always part of the differential differences in the product.

It is very clear that it will be a new round of development and challenge for food plastic bottles. If we carefully observe, we will find that the food plastic bottle on the market is very similar. In addition to the difference between the trademark and the name of the brand.

Sometimes the food produced by the two manufacturers seems to be almost almost. This is mainly that the production of food plastic bottles and the level of crafts are not high, very easy to imitate, resulting in the imitation between the manufacturers and the phenomenon of plagiarism, and highlight.

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