Can food packaging with plastic bottles?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Can food packaging with plastic bottles?   National food packaging plastic products, developed a set of standards, regulations, and market access systems, and therefore meets the quality food packaging plastic products of food packaging, and the health and peaceful norms, but I should also pay attention to real life, no food Plastics packaging materials market license production and business units, social responsibility, moral deletions simple economic interests, non-standard fake products, and integrate into society through some non-formal business channels, there should be enough vigilance . So how to identify the use of plastic bottles in the food packaging industry? Plastic bottles in food packaging, you can smell methods, smell, commodity inspection. Whether it is a food packaging film bag or hollow container, thermoforming container, injection molding plastic box, and other partial parts, if it meets new materials for food safety and hygiene requirements, there is certainly no unpleasant smell under normal production conditions.

If you find the smell, this smell, such as plastic products, is definitely not suitable for packaging food!   Second, see how the method, and it can also help the plastic products suitable for packaging food, preliminary assessment, such as ordinary polyethylene food packaging bags, should be transparent or translucent such as packaging bag turbid or back colored plastic bags, mostly The recovery produced by counter-shake goods (colorant is not necessarily toxic but coloring is often used to cover up the brown-yellow, dark defects) can't pack food, PET bottles, PC polycarbonate) bottles of bottles, Such as transparency, or darker colors, may be used in the application sequence, try not to use.

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