Is it possible to use PET plastic bottle packaging? What is the benefit?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

There is nothing wrong with plastic bottles. Many people think that plastics will release some chemicals at a certain temperature, affecting the human body, this fear is a bit more, as long as the food grade plastic bottle is good, it is not necessary to worry too much. Don't pay attention to the use of plastic bottles or glass bottles, not to install too much, so as not to get the volume of the volume, the volume of the plastic bottled honey is not so high, and the glass bottle is not increased because the glass bottle is not increased. Less weight, and the glass bottle is higher than the plastic bottle, so it is generally selected to be plastic bottles, especially 50 yuan a pound.

The high-end packaging chooses a glass bottle, and catering to the consumer's cognition, two is good to have high prices. The bottle is just a loaded container, as long as it is a food grade's plastic bottle, it should be a fake food that is honey, it is a focus. 2. If it is a natural honey, the plastic bottle is better, because the discoloration, this is the active enzyme, the risk of blasting bottles of the glass bottle.

Some people say that plastic bottles are poisonous, this people can't understand, all kinds of beverages are basically plastic bottled, why don't you say toxic? Personally feel safe! The honey in the supermarket looks high, but that honey is a non-mature peer for processing, it seems very concentration, but destroying nutrients, and basically lost reactive enzymes, nutrition actually and white sugar. Therefore, the glass bottle is not flat! Pure natural honey or choose a plastic bottle! .

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