Can a fruit enzyme can use plastic bottles?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

My mom is doing a lot of fruit enzymes. Others tell him to use the bottle like more water, just started to do it every day, it is about three months, I can don't have to let it go. After drinking it in half a year, she fell out, put it in the same proportion, and the result is that this is a very exaggerated kind. I am scared to death, I will not call it. Once again, I was scared once. Very like explosive sounds, others still think that our family explodes. Best answer: Traditional way to make enzymes, you must stir in the air every day, the bottle cover is good. After three months, you can seal it. It can be allowed to stir, and you can stir it. It will be better for a year. The normal case of enzyme does not generate gas, it may be that there is a wine formal ran, become a fruit wine, then its sugar releases the carbon dioxide released by wine, it is possible to cause a burst bottle, when doing it next time, don't use Plastic bottles (better use of glass bottles), don't lock in the bottle cap, you can use the plastic cloth to cover it with rubber bands.

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