Can plastic bottles use to store edible oil?


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Best Answer: Do not store edible oil home to store edible oil with plastic bucket, with a specially purchased oil bucket, with empty cola bottles, and some people make a bucket made of unknown materials. It is also brought to oil. We must tell you that no matter which type of plastic bucket is not suitable for storage. The plastic barrels we can see in everyday life are two major categories.

One class is a container of industrial products, typically made of polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, adding additives. The additives contain a variety of toxic substances, which cannot be used to store edible oils. This plastic bucket, touch with adhesiveness, not easy to combust, 即火 即, flame green, and plastic oil bucket and other plastic foods sold Packaging, is made of non-toxic polyethylene, touching a lubrication, the surface is like wax, it is fired, the flame is yellow, combustion has paraffin odor, and drops the same material like wax oil. The size of the large size of the market is used to people's habits to dress sauce, vinegar or edible oil.

After the observation and testing of the research department, the soy sauce and vinegar can be stored in a polyethylene plastic barrel, and the situation is normal. In the case of edible oil, the time is long, and the edible oil will produce a pungent wax flavor. This is because the eating oil is in contact with polyethylene plastic, and the low molecular material contained in polyethylene plastics will be thinned. Although the low molecular material is non-toxic, there is a smoked wax flavor, and thus gives edible oil. Brought a very bad taste, affecting the quality of edible oil, nature, which is not good to use this kind of oil.

Therefore, this plastic bucket is not suitable for a long time to hold soybean oil, peanut oil and other edible oils. When you understand these knowledge, do you also store edible oils with plastic barrels? Do you still be reluctant to discard empty cola bottles? .

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