Can plastic bottles hot water?


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The plastic bottle can not be loaded, please see the above logo and arabic number. The triangles consisting of three arrows are the meaning of "recyclable regeneration". The number inside represents different materials, and if the article is made of several different materials, it is labeled the main material of the article.

These numbers do not directly represent the heat resistance of the plastic bottle, but if you can understand the materials indicated by each number, it is also possible to facilitate consumers to use plastic products more scientifically: 1 represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Generally, the general mineral water, carbonated and functional beverage bottles are made of this material. Temperature is high, there may be some harmful substances to the human body. High temperature weather should not put mineral water in the open air or car, do not directly rush into the Coke bottle; 2 represents HDPE (high density polyethylene) Previously, the plastic bags widely used in supermarkets and shopping malls are such materials, compared to high temperature, but it is not easy to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria; 3 represents PVC (polyvinyl chloride), where plasticizers contain harmful things, encounter When high temperature and oil, it is easy to precipitate. At present, there are many plasticizers that have been banned in Europe. China is relatively small to pack food plastic products; 4 represents LDPE (low density polyethylene), current plastic wrap on the market, Most of the plastic film is used in this material, the heat resistance is not strong, and the qualified PE plastic wrap will have a hot melt in the temperature of more than 110 ° C, and the food is wrapped with a plastic film to heat it. The fat in the food is easy to The harmful substance is dissolved; 5 represents PP (polypropylene), the microwave meat box is made of this material, resistant to 130 ° C high temperature, transparency, some food boxes are manufactured by PP, but the lid is ps (polystyrene) ), Manufactured, PS transparency, but not high temperature, so it cannot be placed in a microwave oven with the box; 6 represents PS (polystyrene), which is used to make a bowl bubble frame, foaming fast food box, Heat resistant cold, but cannot put into microwave oven, try to avoid packing hot food with fast food box; 7 represent other classes, used to make bottles, space cup plastic, etc., try not to make boiling water.

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