Several features of plastic packaging bottles


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Plastic packaging bottles have characteristics such as light, not broken, easy to process, and have been universal applications in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics, food and other industries. Its processing raw materials mainly have polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, high barrier, etc., according to the different articles, select different processing raw materials. The characteristics of general plastic raw materials are mainly examined for the following aspects: 1. Tensile strength: It is the critical value of the material from a homogeneous plastic shape to the local concentrated plastic deformation transition, and the maximum load capacity of the material under static tensile conditions.

Tensile strength, that is, the ability to characterize the maximum uniform plastic deformation of the material. Food bottle 2, elongation: The ratio of the ratio of the ratio of the original gadgage and the ratio of the original gauge ratio of the material sample. The elongation is an important parameter indicating uniform deformation or stabilization of the material.

3, impact toughness: means that the material absorbs plastic deformation and breaking power under impact load, reflects the fine defects and impact resistance of the material inside. Impact toughness. The actual significance of the standard is to reveal the brittle tendency of the material, which reflects the resistance of the material to external impact load.

4, tensile elastic modulus: It can be seen as an indicator of the degree of elastic deformation of the material, the greater the value, the larger the stress of the material, which is, that is, the material stiffness is, that is, at a certain stress Under the action, the smaller the elastic deformation occurs. 5, hardness: The ability of the material local resistance hard object is refreshed into its surface is called hardness. The local resistance of the solid's intrusion of the external object is a comparison of the soft and hard indicators of various materials.

R represents Luox hardness. 6, the thermal deformation temperature: Displays the plastic material at high temperature and pressure, can maintain the constant shape, generally referring to the short-term heat resistance of the plastic with a thermal deformation temperature. 7, the highest continuous use temperature: When the plastic is hot, even if the temperature is much lower than the thermal decomposition temperature, it can also cause changes in the material, such as degradation, oxidation, cross-linking or hydrolysis, etc., which will result in a decrease in material operating performance.

The above is several characteristics of plastic packaging bottles, different raw materials are also different in performance. According to the packaging, appropriate raw materials can be used, which can better ensure the safety of internal equipment. .

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