Process introduction of blow molding products


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1. Extrusion blow molding - currently three-quarters of blow molding products are manufactured by extrusion of Shenzhen blow molding processes. Extrusion blow molding is divided into continuous extrusion blow molding and intermittent extrusion blow molding. Continuous extrusion blow molding is suitable for rapid production of small articles, using extruders to continuously manufacture parquement, the slabs are entered on a turntable on a turntable, and then close mode, inflow, cool, and top, etc. operate.

Intermittent extrusion blow molding is suitable for producing large-scale blow molding products, commonly used to produce high molecular weight polyethylene blow molding containers. 2. Multilayer blow molding process - multilayer blow molding multilayer composite blank with several plastics, and then forms a general blow molding process. Layer blow molding is introduced into a layer or several layers of polymers having low permeability to improve solvent resistance or gas permeability of the article.

3. Tensile blow molding process - tensile blow molding is divided into two modes of injection and squeezing, and the injection blow is stretched by the blank of the injection molding method; The legal system is made of stretching blow molding. 4. Injection blow molding process - injection molding is obtained by injection molding, and the benefits of injection molding are uniform, small tolerance, less processing, and less waste. However, the mold cost of injection molding is high, so it is suitable for small-type refined products that produces large volumes, such as pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic bottles, etc.

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