Cause Analysis of the unevenness of injection molded plastic packaging bottle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Thanks to the quality light, not broken, cost-effective and easy to process mold, and plastic packaging bottles are widely used in people's production and life. In many production processes, injection molding is a common and more application, and sometimes we will find that some of the color of injection molding bottles is uneven. What is the reason for this? The main reason for the uneven color of injection molded plastic packaging bottles includes the following aspects: 1, the colorant diffusion is poor, which often causes a pattern near the gate. The temperature of the feed segment can be improved, in particular the temperature of the rear end of the feed section, which is close to or slightly higher than the melting segment temperature, so that the color masterbatch is melted as soon as possible, promotes uniform mixing with dilution to increase the liquid mixing opportunity.

2, the thermal stability of plastic or colorant, to stabilize the tones of the parts, must strictly fix the production conditions, especially the temperature, amount, and production cycle. 3. For crystalline plastics, the cooling speed of each portion of the article is consistent, and the color difference can be masked for the wall thickness difference, and the color difference can be masked, and the mold temperature and mold temperature are fixed to the wall thickness. 4. The shape and gate form of the parts have an impact on the plastic filling, so that some part of the parts produces color difference, if necessary, to be modified.

Such as the gate is too wide, when the finish is passed, the turbulence effect is poor, the temperature increase is not high, so it is not uniform, the ribbon mold cavity should be narrowed. Plastic packaging bottles may encounter various problems in the production process, such as color unevenness, depression, gloss difference, etc., the key is to ensure the quality of the problem and solutions to ensure the quality of the finished product. .

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