Medicinal plastic bottle manufacturer's challenges


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Medicinal plastic bottle packaging is a relatively high field of plastic packaging industry. He asked the manufacturer to have a drug packaging material registration certificate, with a lot of hard conditions such as 100,000-level purification workshops. Manufacturers can only engage in the production of medicinal plastic bottles to achieve these standards.

This requires a requirement for pharmaceutical plastic bottles.   At present, the competition in the field of pharmaceutical plastics is mainly a pharmaceutical glass bottle and a pharmaceutical bag for several packaging forms. However, the real threat of pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturers is not from these manufacturers.

The real threat is that the medical manufacturer is constantly expanding with the merger, in which case these large pharmaceutical manufacturers have a great discourse to the pricing of medicinal plastic bottles. The profit of pharmaceutical plastic bottle manufacturers is constantly compressed. On the other hand, these large pharmaceutical manufacturers have built-in pharmaceutical bottles production branch, not only from self-sufficiency, but also output, through expanding business scope, which is more fatal for pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

   In this case, pharmaceutical plastic bottles must have better living space, and must rely on production R & D and packaging technological innovation, more focused on professional, and can get a market opportunity.

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