Characteristics of PET food plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

PET plastic bottles have not only widely used in packaging carbonated drinks, drinking water, juice and tea beverages, is the largest use of the largest use of the best use, and widely used in many fields such as food, chemical, drugs, data cable packaging. PET plastic bottles have advantages in food packaging: 1, PET plastic bottles are superior to glass bottles in safety, not broken. 2, PET plastic bottles are lightweight, easy to transport, saving transportation.

3, PET plastic bottle portability is better than the glass bottle and the easy-pull can, which can adapt to the psychology of young people to seek new, seeking differences; 4, PET bottle type and capacity selection flexibility, can produce different bottles, different Capacity products, rich products of the product. 5. PpeT plastic bottle can do different colors, you can use different colors to distinguish the type of product, give different visual effects. In short, PET plastic bottles are cheap, transparent, airtight, and have a good pressure strength and is easy to shape.

It solves the bottle design, safety, transportation, etc. of the glass container, and also avoids the shape design, opacity of the metal container. The above features make it get more and more widely used in food packaging.

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