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Ten (February 14), the Valentine's Day is also one of the traditional festivals of St. Valentine's Day or St. Valentine's Day, originated in Christianity. This is a holiday men who love, romance, and flowers, chocolates, and greeting cards. Mutual gifts on this day to express love or friendship. Valentine's chocolate is also indispensable. Chocolate has been in love with thousands of people, and people in love have used sweet chocolate to express the deep friendship of lover.

Love is chocolate, love is melting heart. Chocolate is in Valentine's Day, compared with rose, the chocolate is unblocked in Maya and Aztec culture, is considered a mysterious and aphrodisiac. With the development of the times, all kinds of chocolates on the market are also diversified. Now the international advocates the environment, gradually chocolate packaging with food-level PET environmentally friendly plastic packaging, PET plastics is an internationally recognized environmental protection Recycling plastics, buried in the ground can be dissolved, will not damage the soil.

The following is a meaning of a chocolate taste on the market for reference. Hazelnuts Chocolate - Loyal Fruit Chocolate - Australian Wine Chocolate - With Your Milk Clean Chocolate - My Honey.

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