Selection of packaging food and safety hazards


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Do it to do it, use your nose to smell your product, you have damage to the packaging with your eyes. The specific choice mode of plastic easy-pull cans mainly have the following three points: 1. Hand is to feel the food out of food with hands, rub it with hand, see if it is fades, 抻, see if it is easy to break. Everyone usually pays attention to the safety of food itself, paying attention to whether food packaging is safe.

Because the packaging will also affect food, bring hidden dangers of physical diseases; 2. Wear food packaging has odor, especially packages that are directly in contact with food, such as one-time lunch box and plastic wrap, such as supermarket deli, if The packaging bag has fragrance, it is best to be cautious, food packaging must be odor, because some fragrant packaging bags may contain excessive volatile substances; 3. If there is any damage to the package, there is no QS logo for food production licenses, whether it is standard There is a clear production and quality date. And we also have some expensive safety hazards when choosing packaging jars. Nowadays, the plastic bags used are many materials, and some such as polyethylene, polypropylene are safe plastics, which can be used to dress food, and many restaurants, the thin film plastic bags used earlier, mostly from polyvinyl chloride from food. Composed.

With them, they have gooked the fritters, hot pasta, etc., which may cause hazardous substances to ooze, and it is easy to cause chronic poisoning; 2. Put the toys in snacks, dangerous. In order to attract children to buy, there will be a small toy in more and more snacks. These small toys are mostly in a thin plastic bag, mixed with snacks.

This is easy to lead to a toy plastic bag to react to a snack oil. If the plastic bag is broken, the plastic toy will also pollute the snacks; 3. Plastic easy to pull the color is bright and ink. Bright color means using more inks, which increases the chances of heavy metals and solvents in the ink in the packaging bag and the bag. Once the harmful substance invades the packaging content, it will inevitably cause a lot of safety.

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