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Jilin Health Products Packaging Bottle Cheap Dealer, Choosing MGG MGG is a high-quality health products package bottle, health products plastic bottle and other product producers, with strict processing system and rich production experience, you are trustworthy. Some health products, such as If the vitamin E encounters the rays, it will change, the coated or coated pill will cause the color to dim, and a certain quality change occurs. When we carry out these health products, we must pay attention to the shading effect of oral liquid bottles. The light shielding effect of general oral liquid bottle is: packaging using an aluminum-plastic nuclear membrane or aluminum paper plastic composite film; packaging the health products using a traditional brown bottle or wrapped in an oral liquid bottle; inside the oral liquid bottle Apply a layer of sunscreen.

The antibacterial packaging of oral liquid bottles in food activity packaging is the most promising future, but some products are sterilized after sterilization during production, and it is inevitable that packaging is damaged or Kaifeng during transportation. After the storage, it is difficult to reach the original sterilization effect. Therefore, when we apply the antibacterial film to the packaging of the oral liquid bottle, it is the most correct choice. It not only guarantees the quality and safety of health products, but also prolongs the shelf life of health products, but also inhibits oral liquid bottles by continuous release of antibacterial agents. Microbiological growth. Give our lives provide a higher quality of life.

An antibacterial method for the bottle of the health product is to chemically react with microorganisms by charge in the molecular chain, effectively inhibiting the reproduction of microorganisms, thereby playing antibacterial effects of oral liquid bottles. Currently, these two methods are applied to the packaging of oral liquid bottles, and we have guaranteed our safety and health problems.

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