Which types of financing channels for plastic bottles manufacturers


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    The funds of plastic bottles are coming in the two channels of endogenous financing and foreign financing. This iningenous financing mainly refers to the own funds of plastic bottle manufacturers and funds in the production process; exogenous financing is plastic bottles. The external funds of the manufacturer originate, including direct financing and indirect financing. Direct financing refers to the initial financing of plastic bottle manufacturers (IPO), shareholding and promotion, etc. right. Cost indirect financing refers to plastic bottles of funds from banks, non-bank financial institutions, loans and other credit financing, investors preferring the company's returns than the company's rights owners, and obtain interest income, which is also known as debt financing.

     Direct financing inclusion financing, orientation and promotion, and publicly promoted. Listed financing refers to the company's public publication of stocks in the securities market, raising funds. Stock marketing can be domestic, you can also choose overseas, you can list on the motherboard or on high-tech plastic bottle manufacturers, such as US (Nastaq) and Hong Kong GEM.

Issue a stock is a cost of financial investment. Investors have the right to make the plastic bottle manufacturer's profit, but the funds cannot be recovered, the investor is risky, so the expected expenses are also higher than banks, from this perspective The capital cost of stock financing is higher than that of the bank.

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